Web Design & SEO: How They Are Interrelated? (5 Things To Know)

There has always been a very heated debate of which is more important, is it the web design that carries the weight, or is the SEO that holds more importance? Would a website work only with beautiful web design with a trendy template and great font? Or is it just the right strategies of SEO that gets you on top? Would it be surprising if we say that a good up-to-date website would be a failure if your SEO strategies aren’t up to the mark?

Web Design & SEO altogether plays a great role in the success of any website. One is incomplete without the other. That is why there is no one answer to the above question and for the website to be successful we need both.

Web Design & SEO: How They’re Different Yet Relatively Important?

As we have discussed in various blogs SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy that is used to have your website land on the first page of the search engine.

Whereas web design is a combination of fonts, design, colours, and all the exterior appearances. These both together make the user experience.

Any brand ultimately wants to deliver the best user experience to their customers’ base and that’s only possible through a website that has both.

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If you approach a web design agency its best if they offer both these services. This little investment will go a long way for you.

There are a few ways that are impacted by both these factors. Let’s have a look at how Web Design & SEO go side-by-side.

1. Website Speed

Website speed is an important part of user experience and both these are impacted by SEO and web design. SEO would only be impactful if your website loads fast!

That’s how Google or any other search engine will rate and move up the website. And this is directly related to the web design, a web design that is poorly designed with no proper formatting will be heavier to load that is having a good Web Design & SEO strategy are high interrelated.

2. Mobile-Friendly

If a website doesn’t open on mobile then its a total fail. Even your well thought SEO strategies would fail if it doesn’t load on mobile phones.

According to mobile percentage study by statista, more than 50% of people use their phones for surfing the internet and if your website doesn’t load on phone then all your effort would be of no use.

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Similarly, if the website isn’t designed for the phone then again there is no use of your website.

3. Better readability

Imagine this, you work on the exterior of your car but still have an old-school engine, how would that work? Not good right! The same is the case with your website.

If you work on SEO with perfect keywords according to your industry. The analysis is good and you are absolute about your research but if fonts on your website aren’t good then it wouldn’t be that successful.

All your SEO efforts will go in vain if people can’t read what’s written on your website or if you have used unnecessary information. Hence, readability is as important as SEO.

4. Navigation impacts search engine

As we have discussed until now how Web Design & SEO are directly proportional to each other. So, if your designs aren’t up to the mark search engines will push your websites on lower ranking. One of the factors that can impact is navigation.

If your website design doesn’t have good navigation and the pages aren’t linked then chances are users will stop visiting and search engines will drop your ranking to lower levels. Make sure your pages are aligned in a way that users enjoy their experience and SEO results stay intact.

5. Scripts should be outside of HTML

Next is to place JavaScript or CSS outside of HTML documents. If they are placed together then it takes time for search engines to extract the data and then provide the information. This is one of the reasons that websites become slow.


The debate will never end but these points prove that search appearance and optimization of your website is directly linked with your web design.

Therefore, It is better that you hire an experienced web development agency “like us” that will give you the right result of your investment. 😀

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