6 Powerful Steps To Optimize Your Website?

You paid to have a website and it’s up and running but is it actually benefiting you?

You need to ask this question yourself. A website will only be more beneficial if it is easy to search. And that is possible when your website is correctly optimized.


So if you ever wondered what is optimization? What does it do? And importantly how it’s done? Then let’s read ahead to find out how can optimization help you and how you can do it!

Search engine optimization is a technique that helps your website to land on the first pages of the search engine.

Now there are several search engines but many SEO experts and designers aim for Google. Landing on the first page of Google is definitely a big deal.

As it is one the most used search engine with over 70% of searches done on it optimizing for it is a great idea. If you land on the first page of google the chances of growing your business increase tenth-fold!

So how do you optimize your website? Here is a step by step guide for beginners:

Research about the targeted industry

Research. Research. And research! Before you begin with your optimization planning do some research about the industry.

For beginners in the field, this is the basic step that will help them gain exposure. Search about all the brands in your industry and extract the information. Now, what does this give you? It gives you the specific keywords that are your customer’s search.

The basic strategy of optimizing begins with the keywords. These are the same words users use while searching for their queries.

You can research these keywords through Google automated searches. There are various other keyword platforms that will help you with long and short keywords that you can use.

It’s not necessary to use the same keywords there can be many depending on users offering the same result.

Begin with optimizing your content

The keyword is no doubt an important element but it’s not the only element. The next step demands you to put out information and good content.

All your effort would be in vain if your user isn’t satisfied with the material you provide them. ‘Search intent’ is necessary to understand what is your audience looking for.

This will further help you to create content according to the users’ demands. This also helps you gain high algorithm and reach on top of the search.

Another important tip for optimizing your content also includes optimizing the images. Your website must have images so once you optimize them you are making sure Google notices you.

This happens when you give images name which works as keywords and you get better results.

Build up links- quite literally!

Where networking is important in real life, it is necessary for virtual life as well. Optimization has two parts on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Creating backlink is one of the prime ways of doing it.

Does it seem confusing? Well, it isn’t that confusing, in other words, what you need to do is build virtual connections. Host guest blog, reach out to similar industries, pair up with other brands, and carry out linked marketing campaigns. Through you would be able to advertise and also have better optimization.

Have a proper Title and Meta description

For every query, your search will not only get a title but a small description underneath the title. That is the title and meta-description for your content.

These are the two important parts of your content that must have related keywords. When people search for any query google relates it with these two things.

You need to make your title attractive so that searcher clicks your website. In a similar way, add relevant information in your meta-description.

This will help you have a much better and optimized site.

Have a fast loading website

You have searched the keyword and you have also worked on your content now is the time to check speed. Your website should load within seconds.

A website that loads slower has more chances to lose the audience. One of the key steps that SEO experts need to keep in their mind is to have a website that doesn’t take forever to load.

Next, is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If the page doesn’t load on phones then it will be a huge bummer! Mobile-friendly and speed are necessary to keep your website optimized.

Check out Google speed insight to understand if your website is meeting the rule and how you can make it better.

Do an analysis of your work

The last step for your work is to analyze the performance of your website. If you aren’t working on feedback and tracking results then all the hassle wasn’t worth it.

If you are a brand owner understand that SEO isn’t a one-time thing. You need to track updates and the best way is to work on Google Analytics.

Your SEO team would help you these analytics determine your original performance. Ranking of your website and its performance on Google will help you put in place better ideas.


Optimization of your website and content is quite necessary for this age and time. Where every business has an active website it is important for having one that catches the eye first.

SEO is a way to make sure you appear whenever people search for your industry. So start working and get that first-page position!

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