9 Deadly Mistakes That Designers Make Without Knowing!

A website is an important component of any business to run successfully. It needs to define the purpose of your brand and attract the right audience. From the medical industry to entertainment many businesses are now hiring designers for websites.

Web designing is considered as an art. It is the work of an artistic mind that can choose the right designs and colours. But is that all? That is not the case, web designing is as much technical as it is artistic. It requires the right formatting and techniques that give a fruitful result.

There are many thoughts that go behind designing a website. A little mistake can ruin your user interface. This can result in losing not only your customer but potential leads. A designer needs to be aware of these mistakes so they can avoid them.

We have compiled a list of 10 common deadly mistakes that designers commit.

Be aware! These mistakes can be quite fatal. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  1. Wrong formatting of Fonts

Fonts can actually make or break a website. If you are a business owner reading this, then make sure you clarify your designer about fonts. The type of theme you want, the colour of font, readability, and everything else.

If you are a designer, make sure you keep all these things in mind. Typography is the main essence of the website that you design.

So, it’s very important to pay attention to it! The type of font you are using, their size, and even colour to meet the industry of your client’s theme. In the end, you need your audience to be able to read your content.

  1. Don’t make the audience want a map!

Have you ever come across a website where navigation seems a task in itself? If you haven’t then understood this those websites had good designers! One of the biggest deadly mistakes that many designers end up doing is making it hard for users to navigate through the pages.

As a website designer, make a website that is clear to operate. The pages should have clear titles and offerings of the website must be available to users. You don’t want them yearning for a map or worse leaving the site!

  1. Why doesn’t it load on mobile phones?

We need to admit that majority of the audience be it of any industry will come on the website through phones. If your website isn’t able to load on the phone or show some sort of error then there is a higher chance of losing leads.

responsive web design mistakes

Many designers forget this point and end up designing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. This is again among the most made deadly mistakes and a designer must avoid this. Make sure that the website can load on any platform and device.

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  1. A boring website

One can’t put enough emphasis on this! A boring website is as good as no website at all. As a designer one should be able to fully understand what will attract the audience. Your current audience can be your potential customer.

In a world where there are many options for a single demand, you need to highlight yours. As a designer, understand your clients’ industry and deliver the result in the most compelling way.

  1. Having no way to contact the business

A catchy and attractive website? Check?.

Good font style? Check.

Mobile-friendly? Check.

Easy navigation? Check.

Contact details? Wait for a second!

Did you understand where we are going with this? Having clients’ contact information is as important as having a well-established website.

If you are able to attract an audience and generate lead then there must be a way for them to get to the brand. Ask these details from your client beforehand. E-mail, contact number, address, and social media pages should all be part of the web design.

  1. Invest in web designs!

For clients, this is a step where you would know whether your web designer is an expert or amateur. Free web designs are for beginners not for expert web designers. For web designers, you need to invest in a good web hosting platform like WordPress.

Make sure you by templates and designs that suit your client. Saving money here will only make you lose clients. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many designers end up doing.

  1. Lack of good content.

The next big mistake that can help you lose clients is the lack of good quality content. Written content is the most important part of your website.

No matter what industry you are from your website is a failure if it doesn’t provide adequate knowledge to your viewers. A running blog is an ideal page to have on your website.

It can help you to update your target audience. By hosting other bloggers you can even attract more audiences. Good quality and informative content greatly help you in generating the lead.

  1. Too wordy

Yes, the written content is important but words should be in limit! If you believe that having a long paragraph or too much word information is a good idea then it’s probably not!

Conceptualize in this particular aspect that an upstanding work or an enormous amount of detailing is too difficult to comprehend. Was the last sentence hard to read? What we mean to say in the last sentence was that too much-written material is a bad idea. So make it short but informative so that audience doesn’t turn away.

  1. Broken links

Another big mistake that many designers end up doing is having broken links on the website. You need to make sure that each page connects to the other.

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There must be an option to return on the home page. None of your pages should show an error and navigation through them is easy! Make sure that your website is easy to load without taking much time.


Good website design is the reason that you can help your business flourish. These deadly mistakes can easily ruin your website and result in losing potential customers.

There can be many design and usability mistakes like a website too heavy to load or lack of maintenance. But, the mistakes above are few of the many that many designers make and you must avoid! Happy designing!

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